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this is a honors physics class of 12 high school sophomores and juniors. The school I teach at is a private boarding school, and we do modeling physics with our students. This is a the first part of a double period (80 minute class). This is also the second week of class.

I think we've developed a pretty healthy class culture. Students are generally focused, and asking good questions, and are definitely seeing physics as fun, in addition to challenging—they are really great kids. There are a number of times when I think I'm guiding the discussion too much and leading the students with my questions too much.

I'm trying to do a bit of guided inquiry toward discovering Newton's 1st Law—this is essentially the paradigm lab of the Balanced Forces Unit. Students have just completed the the constant velocity motion unit.

We have the students uncover N1L by first identifying all of the forces acting on the object in using the template we use to describe forces (The [contact or non contact] [type of force] of the [obj exerting force] on the [object experiencing the force]). We then draw system schemas and FBDs for the puck in various states (fan off and puck at rest, fan on and puck moving at constant velocity, fan on and hand pushing the puck so that velocity is changing, etc).

Eventually, once we've drawn up a number of FBDs, we look for a pattern and find BFPM <==> CVPM.


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