Reve Contract 2019 for Levels Ballet 3+

Rêve Performing Arts Group Contract

I, (name typed below), would like to participate in the Rêve Performing Arts Group. I understand that the Nutcracker Remix will be held during school hours for 2 Fridays in December and our Show & Tell with the date TBA.

As SLBA’s director, I reserve the right to choose dance pieces that Rêve will perform. As the director, I also reserve the right to cast shows as I see fit. My choices will not be based solely on dance skill. The performance as a whole has to be considered (costuming, stage appeal, level, stage presence). If students are unhappy with their casting, they may choose not to accept. Recommendations from students or parents will not be considered. As the director I also reserve the right to invite specific students, outside of Reve, to perform in the group for specific roles / dance numbers if needed. If needed, I reserve the right to change casting if performers are not fulfilling their contract.

Attendance is required for all performances & rehearsals, I ask you to set aside all Saturday afternoons in November & early December for rehearsals. If you have a time conflict, please submit that ASAP. If you're going to miss a rehearsal, please contact me ASAP so I can either re-cast you or find an alternate meeting time. Solo performers are not allowed to miss their scheduled rehearsals. Many times rehearsals happen during class hours for soloists. DO NOT MISS CLASS.

Dancers will learn their material within a short period of time (about 2-3 weeks). After that time, I will be asking soloists to show me their progress at different times during the week. If you're aren't in class during any those times, and haven't arranged an absence, I will assume you aren't serious about your participation & may feel the need to re-cast your role.

Rêve is an opportunity to receive pre-professional training at no cost. Please consider the commitment before accepting. Students will need to be present at all scheduled rehearsals and must maintain good class attendance in order to be prepared. If a student has poor attendance, their technique & strength are compromised & they may be replaced. A hard working attitude must be maintained in all dance related events as well. Other SLBA students look up to those involved with this performing group & dancers must be held to the highest of standards.

Parents will need to be willing to either transport their dancer, or arrange transportation for their dancer to rehearsals. Because there is no charge for Rêve, parents will be asked to participate in the process (costumes, driving, etc) to keep cost down.

Contracts are timestamped when submitted & due no later than 11:59pm on October 12th, 2019. Any student turning in late contracts, will NOT be considered until Fall 2020.
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