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2020 Conference Theme: Power of Community

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Poster Session Format (30 minutes)
Poster presentations are an excellent method for the rapid communication of ideas. Teachers will discuss and inspire attendees who are circulating among the poster boards. A Poster Session is a graphic presentation of an educator’s work. The teacher(s) will display their information by using visuals such as graphs, photos, diagrams and a lesser amount of text on the poster boards. Teachers should have contact information to share for those attendees who want more in depth information on the poster topic at a later date.
The how to’s of a proper poster:
Look interesting and/or inspiring;
Present new ideas or present an application of technology;
Appear to be clearly explained;
Have a clear Social Studies relevance or perspective;
Describe a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start.

Set Up and Removal Times
Posters must be hung in advance of the scheduled session day and remain in place all day, even though presenters are only required to be present at their board during their assigned presentation time. All poster boards must be cleared in preparation for the next day, so presenters must remove their posters no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last poster session of the day.
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