PC #535 - Remote Learning Feedback
What is the grade level of your child(ren)? [Mark all that apply] *
Please identify your level of agreement with the following statements based on your experiences with remote learning this past year: *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Not Applicable
I could easily find the lessons and learning expectations for each day.
I felt confident helping my child(ren) with their learning at home.
I had all of the resources I need to help my child with learning at home.
I had Internet access and other technology needs for learning at home.
My child(ren) was/were motivated to complete their learning.
My child(ren) and I had routines established for completing learning.
Lessons and learning activities were appropriately challenging.
Lessons and learning activities were engaging.
Teachers were timely in their posting of lessons and learning expectations.
Teachers were responsive with grading
Teachers were responsive with communications and available for assistance.
The breakfast/lunch service met my family's needs.
I had concerns about my child(ren)'s social-emotional health.
Special education/related services properly met the requirements of my child(ren)'s IEP.
What were the greatest challenges with remote learning? [Check all that apply] *
As we look toward the possibility of continued remote learning next year, what recommendations do you have to improve our plans? What specifics could be implemented by the school or teachers to help students succeed with remote learning?
What resources or supports do you need as parents and families to help with any possible future remote learning?
As we reflect on the past weeks of remote learning, please share an individual(s) who went above and beyond with teaching or reaching out to students and the action(s) of this individual(s) that leads to such recognition.
What other feedback, if any, do you have regarding remote learning at PC #535?
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