Institute for Emerging Issues: Connecting Students to Manufacturing

This year, the Institute for Emerging Issues is focusing our annual Emerging Issues Forum on new manufacturing. The program, @Manufacturing Works, seeks to enable to communities to understand why new manufacturing is so important to North Carolina, and how they can take advantage of its vast opportunities.

One of the key ways to make this sector thrive both now and in the future is to excite our youth about it. Watch a recording of our live broadcast, "Making it Cool: Gen Z Meets Manufacturing" to hear Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired magazine and Forum keynote speaker, among others, explain what makes manufacturing cool, and why kids today should be excited about it.

So how are you connecting students to manufacturing? What makes manufacturing cool, and how can we help young people see it as a viable and exciting career opportunity? We want to hear from you. Tell us your stories about how you are connecting K-12 students to manufacturing. We'll select three stories to share at the Forum, where more than 1,000 people will hear and see your success in getting students excited about this field.

IEI is a think-and-do tank at NC State University, focused on tackling big issues that affect North Carolina’s future growth and prosperity. From energy, to fiscal modernization, to health innovations, to improving our systems of higher education, IEI takes the lead in convening state leaders in business, higher education and government to address these issues early to prepare for future challenges and opportunities. To learn more about IEI, please visit

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