Welcome to PinPoint. This tool has been created by the City of Durham Parish Council in partnership with Durham Students Union as a means of mapping issues of late night noise disturbance and other forms of anti-social behaviour in Durham City Centre. This tool has been designed to aid a better understanding of anti-social behaviour issues within Durham, so that we can more effectively tackle and challenge this behaviour.

You can share your experiences on this tool whether you were the target of or witness to the incident, and regardless of if you have or intend to formally report it.

Please note: You will not be formally reporting the incident to any statutory bodies such as the police or emergency services. This should not replace you calling 999 if you need emergency assistance nor 101 in order to log your complaint with the relevant authorities. Details of appropriate authorities and other support services are included with this tool.

By logging the incident on this tool, you are allowing the Parish Council and other bodies involved in the anti-social behaviour task force to make more informed decisions on where resources need to be targeted in Durham City to tackle anti-social behaviour once and for all.

Please be aware that no personally identifiable information will be collected and therefore this form will not require you to enter any information such as name (of yourself or others), phone numbers and email addresses. Your submission entry will be checked for this and removed before they appear on the map. The pins that appear on the map will be representative of an area, not the specific location the incident took place.

Residents in our community do not have to put up with anti-social behaviour!

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