Covenant Pines Bible Camp Summer Staff Reference Form
The emphasis of each summer staff member is ministry, whatever the position.
It is our desire to hire a staff that is trustworthy and capable of caring for and discipling our campers who are also capable of working together with a team to further God's kingdom here at Covenant Pines. Our staff exhibit Christ-like, servant hearted leadership while serving here.

It is imperative that all summer staff be positive spiritual role models for our campers (ages 7-18). Please evaluate the applicant as you have seen him/her in daily life, at work or in a church setting. Your opinions and feedback will become part of the applicant’s confidential file. A representative from Covenant Pines Bible Camp may contact you.
Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!
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To your knowledge, has the applicant ever been charged with, convicted with, or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to any crime during his or her life? *
To your knowledge, does the applicant demonstrate a lifestyle committed to spiritual growth and moral integrity? *
Does the applicant exhibit problems working with others or working under authority? *
If you had a child of camper age, would you feel comfortable leaving your child in the care of the applicant? *
What would you consider to be the applicant's most outstanding characteristic or skill? *
What would you consider to be one area of personal growth for this applicant? *
Please grade the applicant to the best of your knowledge. “1” is the lowest on the scale or “never”. “10” is highest on the scale or “always”.
If you are unsure, or have no knowledge of that particular category, please leave it blank.
Positive Attitude
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Christ-like Lifestyle
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Sense of Humor
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Temper Control
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communication skills
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Emotional Maturity
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Leadership Ability
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Follows Instructions
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Open-minded to Change
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Gets along with others
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