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GenerOZity #4 is happening during January 2018. We're opening up submissions to people interested in running a game or other performance.

We'll do our best to contact you speedily and quickly, but we only have so many hands! Whether you've applied, ran before, or this is your first GenerOZity, just fill out your deets and we'll get back to you.

We'll NEVER give out any details to anybody without your express permission.

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We want to make sure we know of all the projects you are involved in so that we can do our best to involve them as well. Feel free to include group stuff!
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We will try our absolute best to get the schedule to work for everyone involved, let us know your peak windows and we will try to make it happen. Due to the complexity of fitting everybody in, we can't guarantee availability.
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Is there anything from last GenerOZity you'd like to see again this time?
We want to make each show better than the last so don't want to leave behind anything quality
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Is there anything from last GenerOZity you DON'T want to see again this time?
We want to make each show better; let us know if anything sucked
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