AGSD Gateway Afterschool Program (GAP)
This is the first year of our 21st CCLC Program Grant that provides afterschool programs in our school district. We value your input. Thank you!
What school does your child attend? (Please submit separate surveys if you have children attending multiple schools.) *
Part I
I like the structure and schedule for GAP at my child(ren)’s school. *
I am satisfied with the kinds of programs and activities offered at the afterschool program. *
There is adequate time for my child(ren) to complete homework and/or unfinished work from the school day. *
The staff work well with my child(ren). *
I am comfortable talking with the staff. *
My child(ren) like to attend GAP. *
Overall, I would rate the GAP program as . . . *
Part II
What do you like best about the afterschool program? *
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What are some things you would like to see changed? *
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How many times have you had a chance to observe the afterschool program? *
Do you have any additional comments you would like to share with us?
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