TCAF 2020 - Call for Programming Form
Hi there!

We'd love to know if you'd be interested in suggesting a program for TCAF 2020!

Our programming will include panels, lectures, readings, workshops, interviews, film screenings, and probably several other even more interestingly-formatted things. Please feel free to suggest something you want to participate in, something you want to see, or volunteer yourself as a moderator!

TCAF has multiple streams of programming including:

General Programming (Saturday & Sunday)
- Including: Kids/Teen Programming (Programming FOR kids or teens, not about them)
- Including: Readings, Panel Discussions, Interviews, and other presentations
- Including: Academic Paper Presentations and Roundtables
Library & Education Programming (Friday)
Word Balloon Academy (Friday) (Skills Building For Creators)
Off-site Events (Monday through Sunday, comics related events in TO)

***If you have ideas for this year, please send them to us via this form by Monday, March 2nd, 2020.***

Please note: We do not accept single-publisher panel proposals, but we do accept single-creator programming proposals (i.e., not "The Marvel Comics Panel", but "All About Steve Ditko" would be super-duper!).

We do not necessarily run every program that is submitted to us! If your program is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail directly from us.

Compensation: Professional Stream presentations and workshops (Library & Educator Day, Word Balloon Academy, and Workshops in the General Programs) are provided a $150 fee for the person or team facilitating the program. Other programming participation will not be compensated for TCAF 2020, but we will be seeking feedback on program participation compensation for future years from our participants. We are grateful to the many professionals who volunteer their efforts to participate in TCAF's programming.
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Programming Description / Credentials
It is probably best to limit any descriptions here to a title, and three sentences. Feel free to say something less specific though, for example, "I would be willing to be on any interesting panels and I can talk about topics X, Y, and Z" or (the somewhat fraught-with-danger option) "I am willing to do anything!" (Moderators: Tell us your credentials and areas of expertise.)
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Who do you think is the audience for your program?
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TCAF is working towards greater accessibility along multiple vectors, and reducing barriers to participation across the festival and in its programming. Have you identified any accessibility needs particular to your program/proposal or its participants? If so, please list them below.
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Suggested Participants
Please name possible participants for this panel. If you have already contacted them about being on this panel, please let us know that as well!
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Date Restrictions
When can you do this program? TCAF's main days are Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th, with Librarian & Educator Day and Word Balloon Academy on Friday May 10th. Will you not be in town on Friday or Saturday? Do you only leave the house at night? These are things you should tell us.
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TCAF's Mission
TCAF exists to promote the breadth and diversity of comics, and what is considered comics, as a legitimate medium of literary and artistic worth. We seek to promote the creators of these works in their broad and diverse voices, for the betterment of the medium of comics and to reach as wide an audience as possible for them. Can you speak to how your proposed program helps TCAF in this mission?
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Anything Else?
If you have a burning desire to impart to us additional information, please feel free!
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