Terrace Volunteer Enrollment
For those who want help bring Terrace into the future, future, future
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Introduction and enrollment process
Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering to help Terrace! We appreciate your willingness to help your dear old Mother.

Below are a few questions to help us get to know you so we can place you with appropriate projects and committees. Your answers can be very brief and informal, so don’t worry about crafting them to perfection.

The information you provide here will be presented to the Graduate Board governance committee and relevant Terrace leaders, who will reach out to you to discuss getting you involved with different volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions or comments or anything else, please feel free to reach out to:
Andrew Chong (Governance committee co-chair): achong@alumni.princeton.edu
Jenny Korn (Governance committee co-chair): jkorn@alumni.princeton.edu
About volunteering
Our volunteer crew includes Terran alumni, current members, and friends of Terrace with a deep and abiding love for the best club on Earth. Volunteering is a chance to interact with students and alumni, stay connected to the club, and ensure the “Food = Love” spirit lives on.

Some things volunteers help to do:
- write and send social media posts
- help organize Terrace social events
- create Terrace graphics
- plan fun Reunions activities

Volunteers may come and go on a per-project or per-committee basis, but we ask that volunteers:
- Participate actively in as many committee meetings as possible
- Respond in a timely fashion to communications about their chosen projects and committees
- Actively seek to effectively help with their chosen projects and committees
- Inform their committee chair if they can no longer commit to volunteering
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In what city/state (or country if outside the USA) do you currently live?
Please tell a little about yourself! How do you feel about life, the universe, and everything? How do you feel about Terrace? *
What is your class year? *
Have you held any Terrace-related position as an undergrad member (officer, chair, etc.) or alumnus?
This is just for informational purposes. No prior experience or position is needed or expected to be a volunteer!
What skills, knowledge, experience, abilities, or other resources do you have that could be helpful as a volunteer? *
What sorts of tasks might you be interested in helping out with? *
What committees or projects would you hope to work on as a volunteer? *
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