MSLax 2019 Season Feedback Survey
Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

Our goal at MSLax is to foster the growth of girls lacrosse within the State of Minnesota and surrounding areas. We recognize that whatever your role is in your community, you play a huge part in helping us achieve our goals. Therefore, we highly encourage constructive feedback, whether positive or negative.
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MSLax Operating Procedures
How did MSLax respond to your lacrosse requests, questions, or issues you had during the 2019 seasons surrounding the operating procedures in place? *
If you answered Poor or Fair, please explain what occurred and how MSLax can do better in the upcoming year.
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Please add any comments or suggestions on topics to present at the Pre-Season Game Scheduling & Coaches Meetings (Spring or Summer). *
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If you submitted a player waiver for a girls youth lacrosse player (to play up or down on a community team or play with a non-geographical team adjacent to your community), how would you describe the process? *
Please add any comments or suggestions on the MSLax Waiver processes (Player or Non-Geographical) that would make it better.
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Are you interested in partnering with MSLax on player/coach skills improvement or parent PCA opportunities in the upcoming year? *
Would your association be interested & able to host a winter or spring clinic for players, coaches and/or refs training? (MSLax would provide funds to pay for turf time and coaches/trainers to run the training) *
How do you feel about the level of competition in MSLax spring and summer league games you competed in? *
Do you have additional comments or input regarding the above question?
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At all age level outside of 8U, how would you prefer team match-ups be determined? *
How do you stay current with MSLax events occurring or items of importance to you or reps in your community (check all that apply)? *
Would you be interested in assisting MSLax in growing MN girl's youth lacrosse in any of the following positions ?
MSLax Tournaments
How would you rank the 2019 Spring Tournament (@ Centennial HS, Lino Lakes)? *
If you answered Fair or Poor on the question above, please explain the issue(s) and how we can make it better for future spring tournaments.
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How would you rank the 2019 Summer Tournament (@Health East Sports Complex, Woodbury)? *
If you answered Fair or Poor on the question above, please explain the issue(s) and how we can make it better for future summer tournaments.
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Would your community be interested in hosting the spring or summer MSLax tournament?
Referee Questions
Were you satisfied with the ref officiating at your games? *
If you answered No on question above, what issue(s) did you have that MLUA (MN Lacrosse Umpires Assn) should focus on for future ref training?
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Age Level Input
For 8U age level, do you prefer: *
If you have an 8U team, would you be willing to host a play day/jamboree? *
For 10U goalies do you prefer: *
For 14B age level, would you prefer to: *
Should MSLax eliminate the 'Transitional' Checking rule at the 14U level & move to full checking similar to high school play? *
At the 18U level, how can MSLax increase the number of teams playing in the summer league?
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USL Coaches Certification & National Convention
Is there at least one (1) coach for each team in your community that is CEP Level 1 certified? *
What is the best time of year to host CEP coaches clinics in your community? *
Are you interested in attending the 2020 US Lacrosse National Convention (Jan 10-12 in Philadelphia, PA) ? *
Final Comments & Questions
What topics would you like to see covered at the annual MSLax Membership meeting on September 30, 2019?
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Please use this space to comment on anything not addressed in this survey.
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