House sit for us while we conduct more JV workshops...
If you have benefitted from attending one of our Jeevan Vidya workshop and have wondered why such workshops don’t happen more often, here is how you can help:
We live on an acre-sized rural homestead that needs looking after and cannot be left unattended.
We live in a mud house, off-grid, without any private motor vehicle, without ‘domestic help’, and our children are home-schooled…
The Jeevan Vidya workshops that I conduct could happen more often if we could find competent people to look after our homestead while we are away conducting a workshop.
If you are able and willing to volunteer to house sit for us while we are away, please fill in the form below.
Note that only those who have attended a Jeevan Vidya workshop conducted by me are eligible to volunteer for this task.


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When and where have you attended a Jeevan Vidya workshop facilitated by Vinish? *
Keeping our rural homestead running involves certain daily operational protocols (pumps to be switched on and off, gates to be locked, plants to be watered, lights to be switched on/off...).  How well are you able to follow specified protocols, if they are clearly written and charted out? *
Are you able to cook for yourself if a well-stocked kitchen is made available? *
For how long are you able to come and house-sit? *
If you have any experience of rural living, please tell us about it.
Anything else you would like to add?
We are very grateful for your desire to help us. We will get back to you. However, please understand that we may not be able to immediately accept your kind offer of help, since we may be able to get help from other, closer quarters. Please do not be offended if this happens. We shall definitely get in touch with you sufficiently in advance whenever an occasion arises again creating a need for your assistance. Thanks! *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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