Bring the first Nordic RSE conference in your city!
The first Nordic-RSE conference aims to bring together Research Software Engineers employed in the Nordics and Baltics. The Nordic-RSE 2020 conference will be held in October 2020 on Week 43 (any 2 consecutive days between Tuesday and Thursday) and we are delighted to open this call for venue bid.

Register your interest in organizing the first Nordic RSE conference in your city by filling this form.There are obvious factors that need to be considered for a location such as wifi, auditorium for keynote to hold between 60 to 100 people, 3-4 breakout rooms, catering and technical support. Other important aspects such as how accessible the infrastructure of a potential venue is, how it is connected via major transportation hubs in the city (e.g. airports or public transportation) need to be taken into accout. However, the most important is the potential involvement of you and the local RSE community in the organization of the conference.

Venue expenditures will be fully covered by Nordic RSE.

More information is available at the official Nordic RSE website here:

Contact email within the Nordic-RSE:

Deadline: February 29th, 2019
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