Omihi Music Lessons
How does it work? - One day a week there will be group, individual and or band music lessons available at the school within school time. In the lessons the students will learn the fundamental techniques associated with their instrument and a "song". The "song" could be anything from new school to old school, classical to rock.

The tutor, towards the end of the lesson will make a small video demonstrating what needs to be practiced for the week; this video is then shared using Gdrive with the parents email.

Yes their needs to be an instrument at home for the kids to practice on. With the exception being drums, you just need “Drum Sticks” but a drumkit is better!.

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By enrolling my child in Music Lessons, I accept responsibility for payment of the tuition fees for all classes in which my child is enrolled. I understand that Music from time to time engages photographers / videographers for classes, events & performances, and that any photographs / footage captured may be used for school and studio purposes including publicity & social media at a later date. By enrolling my child, I give permission for my child’s image to be used. Please Type Name *
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Per Lesson Costs
Group (2-4p all exp drums) $16.00 + GST (30min)
Individual $30 + GST (30min)
Band $16 + Gst (30min)
If you’re doing a group lessons band is $5.50 and if you’re doing Individual lessons, then band is free.
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