Equip Gospel Ministries Module Survey - Term 4, 2017
The questionnaire is part of a continuing effort by Equip to improve teaching and promote learning. We would like to get your feedback during the course (as well as at the end) so we can incorporate your comments into the remaining sessions. Please answer all the questions that apply to you by ticking the boxes corresponding to the category which best reflects your view. There is an opportunity to provide feedback in your own words at the bottom of the page.
Module taken for Term 4, 2017 *
Feedback on the module and its content *
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The module is well organised
The module has developed my interest in the course
I have learnt a lot more from this module
The module has helped me think theologically
The handouts and notes are helpful
The pace of the class is just right
The work load is just right
How can we improve the delivery of the modules? *
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How has studying this module helped you in your growth as a Christian? *
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Will you be able to use the content of the materials for ministry? If so, how? *
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How much time were you able to spend studying throughout the module?
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Were there any particular challenges you faced during the module?
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For those who sat for the exam.
What affected your decision to sit for the exam?
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How do you feel the classes and material prepared you for the exam? (if not on self-study)
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For those that did not sit for the exam.
What affected your decision not to sit for the exam?
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Is there anything additional which would have encouraged you to sit for the exam?
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Other comments
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