SIT Membership Form
To become a member of the Student Infosec Team (SIT) you will need to submit the form below. Please be patient - an officer will approve the form as soon as possible!
While we realize that students in this program are not Information Security Professionals, we do suggest that you read, understand, and agree to the (ISC)² Code of Ethics as it is a good model of the type of responsibility and behavior we expect from students participating. You must also agree to the following additional requirements:

You must request permission in writing to engage in any penetration testing against on-campus resources from the appropriate authorities (UF ISM, department ISM, local admin, etc).

You may never use the on-campus resources provided for SIT training to test off-campus resources.

You agree to abide by the campus AUP (which you agree to every time you renew your Gatorlink account).

You will not tolerate any illegal or explicitly forbidden activities in your presence during SIT activities and will report them to an appropriate authority.

You understand that violating these terms may result in either administrative sanctions as decided by the Student Judicial services, or potential legal sanctions as well.
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This will be used to add you to the Student Infosec Team mailing list. This is a great place to ask questions, ask for help, and stay informed about upcoming meetings.
What is your ufl email address?
This must be a valid UF email address. In order to become an official member of SIT you will have to accept an invitation to GatorConnect (student government's official organization page). If you do not become a member on GatorConnect you forfeit your ability to hold an officer position and vote in elections.
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