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8way Skills Workshops
Who: Intermediate to advanced skydivers looking to learn or to build their 8 way skills and knowledge.

What: Three days of jumping geared to learning and perfecting each participants knowledge of 8 way FS skydiving and competition. Throughout the weekend the group of participants will be focused on learning the standard 8 way exit, all of the random formations, the build of intermediate blocks, and/or the technique to all the Intermediate blocks. Each jump will be prepped extensively and debriefed with video from an experienced 8 way videographer. You can expect to be in one of two 8way groups present for the weekend, and expect to do 4-6 jumps per day, weather permitting.

Where and When:
Skydive Sebastian March 6-8 and April 28-30.
Skydive Chicago August 27-29
*Please plan to be at the DZ by 9am on the first day and leave no earlier than 4pm on the last day, unless prior arrangements have been made with Andrew/Doug.

Cost per person: $200 registration plus $37 per jump. Costs include all organization and preparation, the participant's slot, coach's slot, videographer slot, coach's pack job, videographer's pack job, event shirt, and jump videos will be available after the event.

$200 registration is due with your form submission to secure your slot for the event. Registration can be paid cash, paypal, venmo, or check by mail. Send payments to the following based on event dates:

March 6-8 or August 27-29:
Venmo (preferred): @andrew-happick
Paypal: Andrew@rhythmskydiving.com (please select 'friends/family, or add 3% for fees)
Check by mail: Made out to "FSS, LLC" and mailed to:
Andrew Happick
2569 April Showers Ln
Rock Hill, SC 29730

April 28-30:
Venmo (preferred): @douglas-barron
Paypal: Doug@rhythmskydiving.com (please select 'friends/family, or add 3% for fees)
Check by mail: Made out to "Turbo Skydiving, LLC" and mailed to:
Doug Barron
7043 Woodsbay Ln
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Credit Cards payments can be made for a 3% fee.
Rookie Skills Workshop at Skydive Sebastian
Enjoy a low pressure experience that will be a lot of fun with a lot of learning!

Who: Newer skydivers just off student status and those who are interested in developing their basic skills in a small-group experience. It’s okay if you haven’t done something bigger than a 3-way. We will talk about exits and flying with others.

What: Your Rhythm coach will plan a day of fun, instructional skydives that will allow you to work on the fundamentals of belly flying in small groups of 3 - 4 people.

Where and When: Skydive Sebastian, February 15-16, 2020

Cost: $50 registration plus $46.00 per jump (covers coaching and slots). We'll plan on making 4-6 jumps over the day. At the end of the day, in addition to learning tons of new skills and and having a fun time, you'll be able to download a video of all of your jumps.

The $50 registration is due with your form submission. Registration can be paid by Paypal (steve@rhythmskydiving.com -please select, "Friends and Family" or add 3%) or you can send a check to:

Rhythm Skydiving
638 Carnival Terr
Sebastian, FL 32958

Credit Cards payments can be made for a 3% fee.
Rhythm's All American Invitational APPLICATION 2020
2021 details to come soon!

2020 brings back the highly anticipated event of the year, The All American Invitational!!! This event will continue to push what you thought was possible in formation skydiving!! Come jump with 59 other badass skydivers and push yourself to achieve things you never thought possible!!!

Since the beginning, the mission has been to create a high-level event in which skydivers from all over the world are challenged to create intricate formations and multi-point sequential jumps. Since its inception the event has achieved impressive feats in formation skydiving. The first day of the event will bring a unique opportunity to complete challenging 3 plane 30 ways from 15,000’, moving into sequential 60 ways on the second day, and capping it off with the ever challenging All American jump!!!

The exceptionally successful organizing team from past years will be back. Eliana Rodriguez and Craig Girard will be joining Doug once again in 2020 to create fun, safe, and challenging skydives you have never seen before!

The media team will be brought to you again by Elliot Byrd of Byrd's Eye Studio and his hand selected staff. They will be sure to document and share all of the awesomeness to be had every day at the All American Invitational 2020. Video and stills will be provided for each jump, as well ground shots and an incredible end-of-event video! Here is a link to the last years video:


Fantastic skydiving is just half of the fun at the All American Invitational. Your registration includes an easy access to all the media from the event, dinner at the Tiki Hut Thursday and Friday night, a ticket to the end of the event Sun Path Saturday night banquet, and a welcome bag filled with lots of goodies!! The event wouldn’t be complete without the incredible Skydive Chicago fireworks display and UFO jump Saturday night!

The event will be capped at 57 participants, so get your application in soon! Your slot is not confirmed until you receive and respond to your invitation (to be sent out in late Feb) and have sent in your registration fee.

Skydivers looking for a fun and exciting event to challenge their skills, build intricate formations, and build lasting relationships.
Must have an approved application or have an official invite.

The event will run from Thursday July 1 through Saturday July 3, 2021

Skydive Chicago

Details to come
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