APOLLYCON 2020 Preorder Form
I am so excited to be attending Apollycon in 2020. If you'd like to preorder books to pick up at the event you can do so here. Normally I offer the option to pay at the event or pay early, but due to the size of the event and ordering books to cover orders preorders MUST be paid before the event or your books will not be ordered. Since Apollycon is not until March 2020 I will not be sending invoices until February 1st or so. The cut off for preorders will probably be the end of February to ensure I can get books in time. If you're unsure if you've filled out the form and need to PLEASE email me at msmeltzer9793@gmail.com or message my personal facebook and I'll check and let you know if you have or not, that way I don't end up with duplicate orders. Also, due to the size of this event and to give you time to get to other authors you're dying to meet I WILL be signing preorders beforehand. If you REALLY want me to sign it at the table in front of you then add that in a note. But I figure this way we might have a second to chat, take a pic, and you can grab swag. I've attended this signing a few times as a reader for fun and I know how crazy stressful it can be trying to get to everyone you want to see so I thought by me signing them beforehand it might help you out. <3

I have a lot of books so double check you've gotten everything you want. I will also be adding new releases to this as I have them--but if you've already preordered and want to add something just message or email me and I'll take care of it. No need to fill out the form again.

I will not be selling all my books at my table since I have so many now. I will most likely only have a few copies of whatever my newest releases are so this is the best way to get what you want.

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