Apply to attend the Seminar: "Self-care for Entrepreneurs" in San Francisco
Our deep-dive seminars are designed to give a quick overview of the state of science, costs of scaling, and players already in the field -- institutions, startups, investors, and corporates. Each seminar last 3 hours and are invite-only. We get a very curated group of 15-20 individuals with practical, near-term interest in the field. Anyone can apply through forms linked below. Seminars have tiered pricing, allowing participants to pay according to their abilities. We charge between $25 - $85, which goes towards the costs of the seminar. We're aiming at a healthy mix of entrepreneurs, scientists and investors at each of our events.

The demands of startup life are taxing. Entrepreneurs need to be always on and can rarely disconnect for longer times. As our mental state dramatically affects our ability to see possibilities and solve problems, the damage this can have on companies, founders bodies, and personal relationships should not be underestimated. Taking care of our physical and mental well-being is essential to ensure that we are tapping into our maximum capacity for creativity and confidence to secure resilience and adaptivity over the long haul.

The Self-care for entrepreneurs seminar goes through the research, science, practices, and impact of self-care, and gives tools for entrepreneurs to manage their mental and physical well-being in the best possible way. Through discussion and experiential exercises, the seminar offers unique resources and effective practices to help you cultivate resilience, understand the signs of burnout and address the challenges of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. The methods presented focus on the mind/body connection, understanding the physiology and reasons behind stress, and learning practical skills to manage your daily life.

You will leave the seminar knowing:
- What is stress and how does it happen
- How does stress affect our bodies and mental capacities
- How to catch stress real-time and practice calming and balancing the nervous system
- What is the connection between psychological and physical stress. How to spot it and what to do about it?
- What is your character type and how does your psychological make-up set you up for success or conflict
- What are the psychological and physiological signs of anxiety/tension/burnout
- Simple tools for building physical and mental resilience.
- Practical tools to effectively manage your everyday life

Space for the seminars is extremely limited, thus we will try to give access to those that demonstrate a real interest in the topic and also the ability to make an impact in the topic after the launch seminar. Please fill in as much info as you think is relevant for us to make the best attendee choices. We will get back to you within a few days.

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