Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists Intern Application: Communications
2018-2019 Academic Year Intern: APPLICATION CLOSES 10/17/18

Position Description: The communications intern will take the lead on SARVA's social media presence and other external communications including events promotion. We will develop all these internships with each selected intern, so your ideas and input are crucial!
Responsibilities will entail:
-Working with the project management team and SARVA leadership to develop advertising campaigns for SARVA job openings, events, programs, and projects.
-Regularly maintaining SARVA social media on platforms such as twitter, facebook, and instagram.
-Leading a team of volunteers to execute these advertising projects.
-Monitoring our advertising’s performance throughout the year to help improve our methods into the next year.
-Regularly creating and writing the SARVA newsletter.
-Attending regular team meetings and one on one meetings with supervisors.

Ideal candidates will have (not required to apply)...
-Some experience in graphic design.
-Working understanding of UW’s advertising resources (postering, social media, etc.)

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