City of Edinburg - Community Development Survey
This survey is intended to gather information needed for community facilities and services in the City of Edinburg. The information will be used to identify needs and establish priorities for the development of the 2018-2022 Consolidated Plan and Strategy and 2018 Annual Action Plan.

If you would like information concerning this survey, contact the City of Edinburg-Community Development\Grants Management staff at (956) 388-8206.

Place a check on the response that best represents your opinion concerning the need for this service or facility.

Community Needs
Senior Centers (services for the elderly) *
Youth Centers *
Neighborhood Facility (job training, health, daycare) *
Parks (green areas) *
Playground Areas (baseball, soccer) *
Parking Facilities (additional business parking lots) *
Performing Arts Facility (outdoor/indoor theatres) *
Law Enforcement Information Center *
Economic Development *
Historic Preservation (remodeling of old buildings) *
Drainage Improvements (to prevent flooding) *
Garbage Pickup *
Water Improvements (Extend or Improve Lines) *
New Street Construction *
New sidewalk construction in residential areas *
Sewer Improvements *
Brush Pick-up Services *
Senior Care Services (services for the elderly) *
Domestic Violence Services (violence in the home) *
Handicapped services (building access, parking) *
Youth Services (services for children) *
Transportation Services (Public buses) *
Substance Abuse (alcohol & drug treatment) *
Employment Skill Training *
Crime Awareness (neighborhood crime watch) *
Fire Protection and Education *
Health Services *
Legal Aid Services *
Literacy Program (services for those unable to read) *
Mental Health Care (counseling & treatment) *
Services for persons with AIDS/HIV *
Life Skills Training (parent involvement skills) *
Public Health Facility (night clinics) *
Child Care Services (day care for the young) *
Graffiti Removal *
Emergency Shelters(homeless shelters) *
Food Distribution Sites *
Clothing Distribution Sites *
Veterans Services *
Police presence in neighborhood *
Fire protection response *
Transportation *
Public Housing *
Transitional Housing (temporary housing) *
Rental Assistance *
New Home Construction *
Down Payment Assistance *
Single Family Rehabilitation (repair homes) *
Multi-family Rehabilitation (apartments) *
Housing for the elderly *
Asbestos Removal (within homes) *
Lead Based Paint Removal (Residential) *
Rate the quality of life in Edinburg *
Rate the quality of life in your neighborhood *
Rate Edinburg as a place to raise children *
Ease of pedestrian travel (walking to places) *
Ease of bicycle travel *
Ease of travel by car *
Number of parks in the City *
Public Library *
Museum *
Clean Streets *
Street Lighting *
Street Repair *
Trash Collection *
Recycling Collection *
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Do you have access to Internet at home? *
Is your internet access at home wireless (Wi-Fi)? *
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