We, the undersigned, ask the Dryden Town Board to continue their support of large scale solar development. With global warming delivering climate change to our doorstep, the need to stop fossil fuel build- out is critical.

Because the siting of solar development is contingent on nearby connection to the electric grid, we need to make the available sites work.

Homeowners and others are concerned not only about the visual impact of large acreage solar, but also the impact on wildlife and recreation. Therefore we also ask that, while continuing to support this project, the Town Board members consider the concerns of residents and require the developers to mitigate the visual impacts with performance specifications for good screening of the panels along property lines adjacent to houses, roads, and the cemetery. If allowable within the constraints of fencing requirements, access by wildlife would be beneficial.

In addition, we applaud the fact that, because some of the land in the current proposals is owned by Cornell University and thus currently tax exempt, this new use will bring added revenue to the town in the form of PILOT payments or property taxes.

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