The Hackers Meetup Core Team
"The Hackers Meet-up" An Initiative by COMEXPO CYBER SECURITY FOUNDATION started June 2015 is a monthly must attend Meet-up which features in the calendars of security researchers and professionals around the nation. The event aims to provide a proper platform for the cyber security researchers as well as security enthusiast people who are really interested to learn something and take exposure, share knowledge with others and aware them about latest trends and issues in cyber security also take deep dive into security profession, meet & greet, do networking with fellow like-minded people and establish a community “Hackers Society”

We did 80+ meet-ups with 125+ speakers on 170+ topics and 60+ news articles were published till now which shows a huge success of our initiative, from last year we received amazing response from 5000+ individual who came back again and again from different cities, states to attend the Most wanted event in Ahmedabad city which helped us to form a first ever cyber-security community in Gujarat.But people keep complains about the fact that they don’t have such event or initiative in their cities. So we would like to have a local chapter of “The Hackers Meetup” in your city.
Now we are looking forward to expand our community and start our new “The Hackers Meetup” chapters in other cities too so we in need of core team to run local chapters of "The Hackers Meetup" events in their cities all over India.

Benefits of Core Team
Free Membership for Life Time.
Opportunity to highlight yourself.
Improvise you Knowledge and skill.
Learn Something new everyday.
Networking with speakers
Develop your leadership quality
Become a part of a global cyber security community.
Highly Recognized Letter
Official merchandise
Publish a Research Paper
Get amazing discount up to 50% in our 20+ other Initiatives and Merchandise.

"Event is free for all, open for all, no hidden charges"

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By the Hackers For the Hackers - "Happy Hacking"
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