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CLASS PROCEDURES: EACH PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST TAKE ONLINE PRESCREENING BEFORE THE START OF EACH CLASS. A QR CODE WILL BE POSTED OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM FOR EASY ACCESS. All of our students are grouped into class by their age. Skills are adjusted by individual student ability. In our general classes, gymnastic instruction is for 55 minutes. Our 2 to 3 year old classes are 30 minutes long. At the beginning of each class there is warm-up and stretching. This is important for getting the body ready for gymnastics, and also to teach the youngsters various body positions used in gymnastics. TARDINESS: Please have your child in class on time, as this warm-up period is also extremely important in preventing injuries. If you are 10 minutes late, your child will not be able to participate in our classes .GENERAL PROCEDURES: Pease ensure your child uses the bathroom BEFORE class begins. Please use extreme caution when entering or exiting the facility’s parking lot. PLEASE KEEP ALL OF OUR CHILDREN SAFE! Parents are encouraged to watch their children (until you feel comfortable enough to walk away) but are not allowed to enter the workout area. Please refrain from any gestures or verbal cues while students are in class. This is distracting to both students and instructors. If your child runs out of our classroom area more than 3 times, he/she will be asked to sit out the remainder of class. We are here to have fun but most importantly, learn. We can not learn with distractions. SAFETY/BEHAVIOR RULES: These safety rules are in addition to all other safety rules that are explained to the students during class.NO one is permitted on any gymnastics equipment unless supervised by our staff. No food, drink or gum chewing in the class/gym area. Do not wear any jewelry while performing gymnastics. Long hair should be tied back. All students must keep their hands to themselves. All students must listen to their coach. If student displays reoccurring behavior issues, (After 3 warnings) the student will not be able to participate in the remainder of class. We want to ensure a safe and fun environment for all of our students. DRESS CODE: All students should be in appropriate fitting, gym clothes. Leotards, biketards, and yoga clothes are recommended. Please no loose/baggy pants or large t-shirts. Avoid clothing with button or zippers. Please, no dresses, skirts, skorts or anything else that is not “physical ed.” appropriate, TUITION: When you enroll your child in our program, your child will be guaranteed that spot for the entire 8-week session. All payments are made with the front-desk of the center. Payment must be received in full before the first day of class. If you are having trouble with payment, please speak to the director of the center or Coach Stef for options. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for any reason. MAKE-UP POLICY: If a class is cancelled due to Tiny Tumblers Gymnastics end, there will be a make-up class. If the school district is closed because of inclement weather, classes do not run as well. Make-up dates will be given via email and paper. No personal makeup classes permitted. Thank You for reading! *
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