CE Course Sequence Change Request
High school counselors must fill out this form if a student wants to take a Concurrent Enrollment course out of the normal sequence; ie, the student is not in one of the CE Master List recommended grade levels for that course. Once we receive the form, we will evaluate the request and send our response to both the counselor and student.
High School (please do not include the words "High School") *
Counselor Name *
Counselor Email *
Student Name *
Best phone number to contact student *
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CE class student is requesting (University Course Name/Number) *
Student's high school GPA *
Does the student have a 4-year PCCR plan on file that specifies courses to be taken each year? *
If you answered "other" above, please explain.
Why is student requesting to take the course ahead of the typical course sequence? *
Evaluation: Describe this student's academic preparation and skills which predict that they will succeed in a college course. *
Can you confirm that the logistics of getting the student to the CE course can be worked out? *
Describe how you intend to track the student's progress in this course. *
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