LBP Union Team Application
We are looking for new additions to our team! Not only can you help make a difference in the community through these roles, but you can also develop useful experience that can benefit you in your future career. Please fill out the following information to be considered. We have five open programs,

1. Pathfinders: our support team that helps keep the community thriving. Help direct new members to resources, show compassion when people break rules and nudge them in the right direction, and help engage positive discussion.

2. Peacekeepers: our moderation and safety team that helps keep the server and forum running smoothly, safely, and comfortably. Please be advised that we highly recommend applying for our Pathfinder team first, as this will prepare you to become a Peacekeeper.

3. Scribes: Our content creation team that learns by doing. You'll learn more about valuable creative skills both in and out of LBP that you can apply to your own projects.

4. Research & Development: This team makes it possible for us to deliver unique and new technologies like the Agent Washington Discord bot, investigations into private LittleBigPlanet servers, and new innovative creations in the game itself like the LBP Union Codex. The R&D team also helps with content for our blog by providing their technical expertise in hardware, software, and LBP logic. We are only recruiting for this team limitedly at the moment, but don't self eliminate!

5. Diplomat: LBP Union Diplomats are our marketing and SEO team that help advance the Union's position with new audiences, communicate with other groups, and manage the Union's voice on social media. You may be a good fit if you have a passion for writing and editing, like to edit images, are familiar with social media platforms, and are curious about who is looking at content in-game, on social media, on search engines, and why.

We consider every application, but we cannot guarantee that you will get the position of your choice. We may suggest an alternative position if the position you've applied for is not available.

Before applying, please create an account on our website at
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