Murray Edwards Boat Club Registration Form - Michaelmas term 2019 - Novices
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By submitting this form, you agree to provide true and accurate information about yourself, particularly regarding handicaps and swimming ability in order for us to make safety provisions. Your information will be stored for use in matters relating to MECBC only. You will be added automatically to the Murray Edwards Boat Club Novices mailing list, which you can subsequently opt-out of. If any of your information changes, please contact a member of the committee to update our records.
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Health and Safety
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Health Details
Please give details of any health issues that we should be aware of, particularly if you answered yes to the two questions above.
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Physical details and rowing experience
All of this section is optional. Your height and weight may be used to adjust the equipment so that it is safe/comfortable for you to use.
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Previous sporting experience
Any sports that you are playing or have played for some time.
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Previous rowing/coxing experience
You may be asked to try rowing on a different side, or coxing. Please indicate if you are interested in coaching.
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Please indicate below which you are interested in! (Coxing is steering the boat, and it's much easier than it sounds!)
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