SNAP Share Enrollment Form
Thanks for joining Greensgrow's SNAP Share program! Please fill out the following information so we can process your membership and begin delivering fresh local produce to you and your family!

Shares are delivered every other week. Payment for a month of shares is due one month prior, as the due dates listed below indicate. If a payment deadline is missed, memberships are suspended and deliveries are placed on hold.

May deliveries - Payment due by April 11
June deliveries - Payment due by May 9
July deliveries - Payment due by June 6
August deliveries - Payment due by July 4
September deliveries - Payment due by August 29
... the SNAP Share program is year-round.

Please contact with any questions.

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Monthly income limit: 1 person - $1,619, 2 people - $2,195, 3 people - $2,771, 4 people - $3,347, 5 people - $3,923, 6 people - $4,499
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If you don't wish to pickup your share at a Greensgrow location, please consult this map - - and write the alternative location name below
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