3rd Annual Michigan OPEN
The Red Hawk Archery Riders and Healey's Outback Ranch are thrilled to announce we will be hosting the 2019 Michigan OPEN!

Things to know before signing up:

-YOUR HORSE MUST HAVE A CURRENT COGGINS REPORT. If you are coming from out of state you must also have a health certificate. Both of these must be presented to Red Hawk Archery Riders via email or brought with you and presented to Healey's Outback upon arrival. No horses will be allowed on property without these! NO EXCEPTIONS.

-If you are planning to rent a horse, PLAN AHEAD. There are not many rental horses to go around and they also vary with their experience level dramatically. If you want a specific horse, it is first come first serve, so reserve early. Only participants who have at least put down half of the entry fee will be allowed to reserve a horse.

-If you are willing to share your horse, please let me know as soon as possible. You will get $25 per rider that you share with. The rider will pay you for the use of your horse directly when we arrange the assignments. It is up to your discretion what rider gets your horse, so please be specific in letting me know your horse's "horsinality" and abilities. If you approve of a rider sharing your horse, you cannot change your mind during the competition UNLESS:
*You or someone else is witness to abusive tactics (in which case the rider will be DQ'ed and asked to leave).
*You feel that your horse is lame or off and are pulling it from the competition.
*If your horse is demonstrating to you that he/she is just NOT getting along with the rider and it is a hazard to the rider or to the horse.

Horses come first! Decisions will ultimately be made to the benefit, preservation, and respect of our horses, for without them we wouldn't be doing this to begin with. If you are RENTING a horse, you must acknowledge these risks.

Things to consider when filling out this form:
-Camping or renting a room? (Rooms are first come first serve with deposit)
-Willing to share/split a room? (All rooms can have at least two occupants.)
-Food allergies?
-Stall or outdoor pen for your horse? (First come first serve with deposit)

This form will cover the competition fees, but all other fees such as ranch horse rental, room rates, food, etc will be taken care of when your reservations are made at the Outback.

-no hookups
-breakfast is not included with your stay. An additional charge to cover breakfast can be added if you wish.
-Camping is free.

The cross country course through the woods will be a technical course. There are both left and right turns, and precision will be key over speed.

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