2021-2022 Santa Barbara Chapter Raza Educators Association Membership Application
ARE Santa Barbara’s mission is to uphold the rights and liberties of our Raza community. It is important to understand that the term Raza in A.R.E. refers all oppressed people of color and all the intersections that define our identities. We believe that education is the first step in igniting critical consciousness that leads to action. We believe that education is essential to the preservation of our civil and human rights and provides the foundation for all human, political and economic progress. Realizing these rights is fundamental to the objectives of ARE. In these turbulent times, we are obligated to ensure that education serves as a tool for liberating all oppressed members of our Santa Barbara community. We envision that we will do this by organizing and mobilizing teachers in developing critical anti-racist curriculum, supporting anti-racist policies, and working with community organizations to ignite change.

A.R.E is organized under five basic objectives and principles:
1. To promote critical pedagogy as the principle means of addressing the question of how to teach our children;
2. Struggle for democratic education, where the parents and community have the same rights as teachers, counselors, and administrators in the education of their children;
3. Promote community activism among teachers;
4. Nurture student activism and develop student activists;
5. Struggle to reclaim spaces in the institution (i.e. schools) for progressive education and to develop politically active teachers.

In order to be a supporter of A.R.E., one must:
1. Be in agreement with A.R.E. Mission and Goals.
2. To be a Member, one must:
  - Submit a membership application.
  - Have signed on to Committee work and will take an active role within that Committee
  - Pay yearly dues: $60 for educators/admin, $18 for parents/community members, and $12 for students
  - Participate in 50% ARE events, i.e. meetings, fundraisers, forums, conferences, etc.
  - Mesa Directiva has the discretion to identify members in good standing

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The amount for yearly dues: $60 for educators/admin, $18 for parents/community members, and $12 for students. Dues can be paid using Venmo. Please specify it's for ARE. We also accept cash or checks payable to "Raza Education Fund". You also have the option of splitting up the yearly dues into three equal payments. Please label each payment #1, #2, #3.
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