Site Impact Fund: Global Water Dances 2019
Thank you for your enthusiasm for combining the arts and sciences to raise awareness and combat global water issues. We look forward to reading your application.

In this pilot year of the Site Impact Fund, we will be providing support to Site Collaborations whose projects demonstrate leadership, community engagement, a clear timeline of achievable goals that inspire action, lasting impact on your locale and of course an even distribution of artistic and scientific work.

Requirements for submission:
~ In order to apply for this funding you must already be registered for the Global Water Dances event on June 15, 2019.
~ Global Water Dances (June 15th, 2019) must play a key role in this partnership.
~ The partnership must exist either pre or post the event or both.

~Applicants can be from South America, Central America and Asia.
~ Project collaborators must be located in the same country and preference is given to those who are in the same city.
(if you have a reason why this does not seem applicable to your submission please argue your case to us.)

~ There must be a report submitted at the end of the project including video and photo documentation of the partnership, including . And a follow up report 6 months later about the lasting effects or ongoing work of this collaboration.
~ Each collaboration can only submit for one project.

Please fill out the form below to apply. Projects participants can be a dance company, school or solo choreographer/ performer and an environmental or environmental activism organization.

Deadline for Application is: May 7th 11:59pm EST

Please write your submission in English.

You cannot save this form and come back to complete it. Instead, we suggest reviewing the form, taking note of the information required and then submitting your answers all at once.

Thanks again! We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions please email

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Use the questions below to tell us about the project/ partnership you are proposing. Remember that the strongest answers are the ones that you work on collaboratively.
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In further detail please explain the proposed project
Please include how each of the organizations (parties) will be involved, if this is a new or long standing partnership, and if this project will have a final product or event or if it is an ongoing endeavor.
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How will you measure the success of your project?
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