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We’d like to keep in touch with you about upcoming events and opportunities with Natural Event. From time to time we may send you emails regarding work or volunteer positions or general communication relating to events. Emails will come from Natural Event employees only. On occasion we may have to call or text you with logistical information regarding specific events. We will never sell data and we promise to keep your details safe and secure. For the purpose of gaining accreditation, your email will be passed on to the event that you attend with us. Your bank details and address/contact details are needed for our finances department. All of the other information is needed by us for safety and legality. All of your data will be stored until the end of your employment. *
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Where you are located for most of the 2016 UK summer season
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(Which country is your passport in, and what is your work status for the UK?)
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If you've not worked with us before, please let us know what other events you've worked at where you completed your shifts?
Tell us what festival/event or other relevant experience you have. No need to answer if you've already worked for us.
Which role are you interested in? *
We have paid and volunteer cleaner and crew positions. At some of the big sold-out festivals we augment our core team with volunteer positions. Please select which you are after.
Which events are you interested in working at? *
Please tick the boxes for when you'd be available. We have lots of events on over the festival season but can't yet confirm how many staff we need at each event on which dates! Many events shifts are Thursday to Sunday, with a Wednesday arrival. Some are Friday to Sunday with a Thursday arrival. We'll send out offers for all events. Just tick which of the major ones you're up for.
I am able to provide a shift deposit for the first festival I work with Natural Event. *
This is required (usually double the ticket price) so we can be sure new staff are not going to 'do a runner'! Those staff that have successfully completed two events with us are not required to pay shift deposits.
Your referee details *
For those that have never worked with NEE before, please provide the name and contact email of someone that can be a referee for you. If you know someone has worked for Natural Event before and can vouch for you include them. Alternatively include a referee that can vouch for your work at festivals or other relevant work.
Any other information or requests you'd like us to know about?
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