JCOGS Trip to Israel with Rabbi David
Interested in traveling with JCOGS to Israel? This survey explores the interest level of our community related to attending a guided tour/trip to Israel, what activities people are interested in, and when might be the best time for the trip. By filling out this survey, you are not yet making a commitment on your part to participate.
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We anticipate the trip will be about 10 days with the option to extend your stay. Which dates/timeframes would work for you/your family to attend this trip? Please rank the options by preference.
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The trip's actual cost will be significant. according to our preferences, it may vary from 2500$ to 4000$ per person for the land package (excluding airfare). While we cannot assure help at this point, would you need financial assistance to make this trip possible? *
What kind of hotels would you prefer to stay in? (the difference between 3 and 5 star hotels would be around 600$ out of the total cost.) *
How would you like to fly to Israel? *
How much interest do you have in making this an interfaith trip, inviting the greater Stowe community and churches? *
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Please share with us what might prevent you from attending this trip or why you might not be interested:
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