10 Bowdoin, Unit 404, Beacon Hill - Showing Request Form
**Please note that we will be organizing a group showing and will be in contact to schedule**

Maximum Income Limit: 100% AMI

1 Household – $103,900

2 Household – $118,800

3 Household – $133,600

4 Household – $148,400

Maximum Asset Limit: $100,000
Does not include retirement.

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Income Eligibility
Is the Buyer's Household income below the maximum income limit listed above?

It is gross income and based on projecting current income over 12 months.  For self employment, the determination of income varies, and so please ask for details.
What is your combined gross income? *
Please confirm your total assets. Please not that the maximum asset limit for this unit is $100,000 (Do not include retirement account funds)
Please confirm you understand that there will be group showing(s).  We will contact you with a date and time of the showing.
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