Falcon Key Application
Keys will be made available to members who fulfil the following:
1. Member of the club for at least one season
2. Current membership i.e. up to date with subscription for the season
3. Recommended by a club coach or committee member
4. No past misuse of the boathouse/equipment
5. Payment of a key charge of £25.00 (invoice will be sent for payment)

Key holders will:
1. Take responsibility for ensuring the boat house is left locked when unattended and report
any suspicious activity to the club chairman or the police as necessary
2. Report lost keys immediately
3. Be responsible for the actions of anyone to whom they chose to lend a key (this is not
advised by the club)
4. Not give the key to anyone who is not a member of FRCC
5. Not make any copies of the key
6. Surrender key at the request of the club general management committee
7. Return the key if membership is terminated or lapses
On replacement of the locks there will be no refund for return of old keys and a further payment will
need to be made for a new key.

We will send an invoice for payment when the application has been validated.

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