Honors Read Nomination
Thanks for nominating a book for the Honors Read! We hope this form will make the nomination simple and straightforward. The 2021-2022 Honors Read nomination deadline is Friday, December 4, 2020 for maximal consideration.

Questions: Interim Dean Stephanie Welcomer (welcomer@maine.edu, 207.581.3262)

To be nominated for the Honors Read, a book should be currently available in an edition retailing for $16 or less and the author should still be alive; that way we can afford the book and, we hope, invite the author to speak on campus. Other than that, there are no specific restrictions on nominations other than you think it would be a good Honors Read!

Please note that students choosing the Honors Read develop criteria on which to base their selection. In almost all cases, their criteria have included standards such as universally interesting, intellectually stimulating, well-written, promotes discussion, and a good entrée to the Honors College and University of Maine.
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