Donation Request Application
At The Oregon Garden & Resort, we value community, education, and sustainability. We are dedicated to supporting the many organizations that align with these values and make Oregon a better place.

Each year we receive hundreds of requests from these organizations, locally and beyond Oregon, all with valid and pressing needs. Though we cannot provide support to everyone, we do our best to fairly consider each application we receive. Please read and follow the guidelines below to submit a request.

- All requests must be received at least 8 weeks in advance of the event date.
- All donation requests must be submitted online on our Donation Request Application Form.
- We graciously ask that inquiries are made by this form ONLY, not by phone, email, or standard mail.
- Incomplete applications will not be considered.
- Approved donations are sent out once a month. If your donation is not approved you will receive an email.
- We do not provide cash donations or sponsorship.
- All donations expire 1 year from the event date.
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