NICA Bid Process League Volunteer Form
This form is intended to collect and organize volunteers who will be part of a dedicated team working together to build the new Oregon NICA high school racing League and Oregon Youth Mountain Biking nonprofit organization. Please consider which level of commitment you can make and we will contact you to discuss how to join the team!

Contact us: Robert Alan Ping
Phone: 503.289.0441

Related Background: What related background and experiences do you have? (mountain biking, high school sports, student athletes, nonprofits, leadership roles, etc.)
Can we count on your help at league races?
Priority Rating: Aside from work and family, how high do you rate your commitment to helping build this new league? (5 being most important, 1 being least)
Statement of Intent and Interest: How do you see yourself assisting in the League development process? (see also the specific activities list below)
What type of League support role(s) would you like to be involved in? (check all that apply)
Roles and Descriptions:
CORE LEAGUE SUPPORTER (varies, 1-3 hrs per week)
Involved with more direct projects and activities without longer-term commitments or schedules. Supporters typically are interested in getting the new league up and running but have a limited amount of time to dedicate to the effort.

Folks interested in working directly with a high school team at various levels of commitment.

SUB-COMMITTEE(S) (2-5 hrs per week)
Involved with one of the sub-committee areas such as fundraising, team development, program implementation, working with the leadership committee to execute projects.

- FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: Assist with all aspects of fundraising, including donor campaigns, corporate sponsorships, and special fundraising events.
- VENUE COMMITTEE: Assist with identifying, inspecting, and choosing the race venues, leaders summit venues, skills clinic venues and special event venues.
- PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Assist with the implementation of all programs including conferences, camps and races.
- TEAM DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Assist with the correspondence with those working to build teams. New coaches have many questions and pro-active support makes a big difference.

ADVISING COMMITTEE MEMBER (2-5 hours per week)
Involved with the Leadership Committee providing oversight, guidance, networking, fundraising and program support to the core leaders, NICA, etc. Advisors often provide a very specific service for the league that is related to their profession (doctors, lawyers, fundraisers, organizational consultants, graphic artists, web designers, etc.)

FOUNDING LEAGUE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (future Board of Directors, 5-10 hrs per week)
One of the core leaders with duties and responsibilities that will require 5-10 hgors a week of commitment, supporting the league director working with NICA staff, the League Leadership Committee, subcommittees, community members, event organizers, school administrators, parents, student athletes, etc.

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