Restore your CurseForge Account
Bukkit Forums has always had a unique access username and password.
Somewhere along the transfer of CurseForge and its sub-assets Bukkit forums were lost in the complex transition, and we deeply apologise to the Bukkit community for the confusion and unclarity.

The backend of the Bukkit forums is not very handy for automations, which is why this form is here for us to collect information and manually transfer the 'Forge_User_<numbers>' into a new account.

To retrieve your account, please fill this form and allow a few days for us to send you an email that your original account have been restored.
Then you will need to log-out and back in to Bukkit Forums to access your account again! :)

**Note - the email address required here should be identical to the one used for your new Bukkit Forums account**
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