The Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Management (ALSM) unit supports researchers to undertake environmental projects within the Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) that:

• Respect Anindilyakwa culture and traditional rights to natural and cultural resources

• Benefit and appropriately acknowledge the contributions of traditional owners

• Recognise the rights of Anindilyakwa traditional owners to their cultural and intellectual property

• Provide information which can inform land and/or sea management activities undertaken by the ALSM Rangers

• Provide opportunities for ALSM Rangers to participate and gain experience and skills.

Researchers must obtain, through the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Management (ALSM) unit, the free, prior and informed consent of relevant traditional owners and communities before undertaking any project within the Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Representatives from the ALSM will use the information disclosed in the Research Application Form to identify and consult with traditional owners.

Additional requirements should your application be approved
• Attend a full day Groote Eylandt Cultural Induction

• Make appropriate arrangements with ALSM unit for ranger/s, traditional owner/s and/or relevant ALC staff to accompany you during fieldwork

• Discuss major changes to the methodology, which arise throughout the duration of the project, with the ALSM manager

• Provide traditional owners and the ALSM unit with:
- A copy of any publication, results or reports arising from the research
- A plain English report outlining the outcomes of the project
- Feedback throughout, and at the completion of, the project

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