ALL digital devices in ALL grade levels need to be registered with STEM to have on file.

When you get a new device, register the new device.
If you will be using 2 devices (iPad and Laptop), both devices need to be registered and on file.

1) Fill out this form completely, one per device.
2) See the Tech Center for a barcode sticker to be placed on your device.
3) See the Tech Center to have the Internet Certificate installed on your device in order to use Google.

**All electronic devices used on campus need to have a barcode sticker located on the device. The only exception are cell phones.**

Thank you.
Device Type *
Student Last Name *
Student First Name *
Grade *
Student ID# *
Lunch# (example: 123456)
Example to Locate Device Information
Make of Device *
Example: HP, Dell, Asus, Apple, etc.
Model of Device *
Example: Pavilion, Inspiron 15, AR5B125, Macbook Pro, etc.
Serial Number *
S/N: Check#: Tag#:
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Example: 11-11-B1-A1-01-1A - Need help to locate? -
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