LJC Survey 2019
We're relaunching some things in 2020 and your input makes all the difference, thank you for clicking! <3
Which of the following appeal to you? *
Which idea interests you the MOST? *
When supporting original music you prefer visuals being ... *
Do you prefer supporting a blend of content or one specific type (when following a content creator)? *
What mood(s) of song do you enjoy or relate most to? *
You're most likely to check out a song if it's from: *
What's genre(s) do you listen to? *
On a scale from 1-10, how interested are you in scheduled events like gaming streams, watching movies / voice chat / etc? *
Not very important
Super important
IDEALLY, how regularly would I upload a new cover or song? *
What style of music videos (MVs) do you like *best*? *
How much involvement in the music are you looking for? Would you want to be A PART of the music we create (such as lending background vocals & choosing what I sing), or do you prefer a silent partnership (credits, exclusive content) ? *
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