Fall Champaign County COVID-19 Resident Readiness
Champaign County Residents:

As fall approaches and the University of Illinois re-opens, Champaign County businesses and economic development leaders kindly request critical input from local residents in order to continue to meet the needs of the community, while staying healthy and safe.

Our small business owners would appreciate your honest feedback to these questions as they plan their strategies moving into fall and to help them adjust as our student population returns, alongside cooler weather that will move business indoors.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey by August 30, 2020. The results will help inform our decisions and understand your needs. Your answers will be completely confidential and survey results will be reported in group form only.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Stay safe and be well.
1. How would you rate your household on the following:
Don't know
Overall physical health
Overall emotional/social health
Overall economic health
Clear selection
2. Which statement about being in Phase 4 is closest to your thoughts? A. Most of us need to continue to stay at home until we have a treatment or a vaccine is developed; B. We need to fully open the economy now and deal with the health consequences as we build immunity and recover economically.
Clear selection
3. Regardless of current restrictions, would you feel comfortable or uncomfortable doing the following this fall?
Very comfortable
Moderately comfortable
Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable
Moderately uncomfortable
Very uncomfortable
Going to a grocery store
Going to a retail store
Shopping outdoors at a pedestrian mall or on streets where merchants have outdoor/sidewalk tables and booths
Going to a nail salon, barbershop, or tattoo parlor
Eating out in a restaurant indoors
Eating out in a restaurant on a patio or outdoors
Eating at an open area with food trucks
Using take-out/delivery service from restaurants
Using curbside pickup from restaurants
Going to parks and trails
Going to a bar
Going to a gym or other fitness center
Attending a large venue or event
Clear selection
4. How important, if at all, are the following to make you feel comfortable to patron retail stores, restaurants, etc.?
Moderately important
Slightly important
Not at all important
Don't know
A health/safety pledge posted at the business
Enhanced cleaning/disinfecting
All employees wearing masks
All customers wearing masks, when possible
Limiting the number of people to ensure physical distance
Regular testing of employees for symptoms (and follow up for COVID-19 tests)
Antibody testing to determine potential immunity
Contact tracing to track people who interacted with those with positive test results
Using a reservation system to control crowds
Clear selection
5. As our local community heads into fall, how concerned are you about the following:
Very concerned
Moderately concerned
Slightly unconcerned
Not at all concerned
Don't know
Overall health of you and your family
Likelihood that you or someone in your family will get COVID-19
Our community’s medical facilities and resources being overwhelmed by COVID-19
Overall health and safety of vulnerable populations (e.g., older adults, those with chronic health issues)
Not having the right information to make good choices about going out
My behaviors impacting the health of vulnerable populations
People not wearing masks in public places
People not keeping physical distance in public places
Access to free COVID-19 testing
Timeliness of testing results
Clear selection
6. As fall approaches and outdoor options narrow, how concerned are you about the following:
Very concerned
Moderately concerned
Slightly unconcerned
Not at all concerned
Don't know
Becoming, or continuing to be, unemployed
An economic recession
The loss of locally-owned or small businesses
Increased positivity rate for our region
Differentiating cold & flu from COVID-19
Clear selection
7. About how much would you say your household spending has changed on the following since COVID-19:
Significantly decreased
Moderately decreased
Slightly decreased
Stayed the same
Don't know
Alcohol (beer, wine, etc.)
Home essentials such as cleaning supplies
Restaurants and fast food
Clothes, beauty and other grooming
Fitness and recreational gear (bikes, exercise equipment, fishing gear, etc.)
Entertainment (including subscriptions to movie channels, video games, etc.)
Home goods and furnishings
Home renovations
Appliances or other larger purchases
Clear selection
8. Please indicate how soon you anticipate returning to your normal buying behaviors?
Has not changed
This month (very soon)
1- 5 months
6-11 months
A year or more
Never (permanently changed)
Shopping in retail stores/malls
Dining out or carry out from restaurants
Entertainment (movies, subscriptions, etc.)
Larger purchases (furniture, appliances, etc.)
Clear selection
9. If you decreased any of your spending since the pandemic began, what led to that decrease?
Major reason
Moderate reason
Minor reason
Not a reason at all
Stores were closed, items not available
Lost my job, or concerned that I might lose my job
Concerned there will be a recession and want to save more
Concerned about exposure to COVID-19 from getting deliveries, getting take out or going to businesses that remain open
Clear selection
10. Which of the following applies to you?
Clear selection
11. Are any of the following currently preventing you from leaving your home for work or school?
Company policies (e.g., delayed opening, not bringing all employees back at once, etc. )
Availability of daycare/childcare, etc.
Concerns about someone in my household getting sick
Concerns about contributing to the spread of the virus
Needing to be home to take care of a sick family member
Transportation availability or safety
My preference to continue to work at home
Other (describe below)
Clear selection
If you chose "Other" in the previous question, please describe here.
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