2017-18 Seminar Round
This form will allow you to sign up for one seminar in the Second Seminar Round, in addition to Boo at the LA Zoo. You will be given your 1st choice if space is available. If not, then your 2nd choice. If that is also not available, then your 3rd choice, and so on.
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Seminar Choices (If you said "Yes" to Boo at the LA Zoo, you don't have to sign up for any other seminars, although you can if you want)
Choose only ONE choice per row and column! Picking the same seminar for more than one choice will guarantee you not getting it at all.
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6th Choice
1. Cow Eyeball Dissection 10/02
2. Gardening 10/03
3. Cow Eyeball Dissection 10/03
4. Interactive Fiction: Enchanter 10/3 & 10/4
5. Ballona Wetlands 10/07
6. Bank Robbery Investigation 10/09
7. Train Like an Astronaut 10/10
8. Build a Spaghetti Bridge 10/10
9. Cut It Out! 10/14
10. Egg Parachute 10/16
11. Gardening 10/17
12. SMC Planetarium 10/17
13. The Prisoners' Dilemma 10/17 & 10/18
14. All About Polymers 10/19
15. Gardening 10/24
16. SMC Planetarium 10/24
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