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We have reached our capacity for the 2019 Long-Term Mentorship Program.

However, we plan on continuing the program in subsequent years, as well as host Speed Mentoring events as we have done in the past.

Thank you for your support and your interest!

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Long-Term Mentorship Program Structure
The SE3 Mentorship Program is designed in a traditional mentorship format, with either one-to-one mentor/mentee meetings or small group mentoring. It has some structure to help participants achieve specific defined goals. However, it also has flexibility to support varying individual mentoring needs across learning goals, preferences, and learning styles.
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Speed Mentoring Event Structure
SE3 has hosted several Speed Mentoring events over the past two years with much success. Speed Mentoring is a one-time commitment, and is structured as several short rounds of group mentoring. We aim to host 2 Speed Mentoring events per year.
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Thank you for your interest in participating, we will contact you with details in the New Year.

We really hope to make this program something that is beneficial to you personally and professionally. We welcome any feedback and comments on how to make this program a success.

- SE3 Mentorship Program Team

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