Sleep SMART Protocol Quiz
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1. Mr. Jones tells you that he was diagnosed with OSA by polysomnography 6 months ago and was started on CPAP. He stopped CPAP use 3 months ago. Which is correct: *
2. Once any exclusion criterion is met, the patient can never be eligible for Sleep SMART. *
3. Oxygen supplementation ≤4 liters per minute is exclusionary. *
4. Which of the following is true regarding assent for patients who cannot consent for themselves but can participate in the process? *
5. If a patient consented for him/herself, and then lacks consent capacity when seen at 3 months, what should be done? *
6. Which of the following is the correct statement about outcome assessment perfomance? *
7. The mRS at 3 and 6 months are based on the assessor’s overall impression of the subject based on discussions with the subject and caregiver. *
The study team member who performs the 3- and 6-month assessments should be masked to treatment assignment. *
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