Dining Out Survey
Thanks for filling out this informal survey about dining out. It will help us as we make our plans to reopen! Restaurants won't be the same for quite some time and we are trying to understand the appetite of our regulars and neighbors. This should only take a few minutes. We are planning to reopen for take-out this week (May 21) and we are trying to assess when we should re-open for service. (For information about our take-out menu, please visit our website, LESEnfantsdeBoheme.com.) Your feedback is valuable to us!  

 LES Enfants de Bohème
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When will you will feel comfortable dining out again? As soon as the city lifts its closure of non-essential businesses? Or later? In 1 month, 3 months, 6 months? When there is a vaccine?
What would make you feel safe to dine in an eating establishment? If the restaurant spaced diners safely apart (skipping tables, reducing capacity), would that encourage you to dine out? What capacity are you comfortable with?
All restaurants already adhere to NYC's extremely strict health codes (which mandates everything including cleaning products, employee safety protocols, dishwasher temperature, etc). Restaurants are also adding cleaning protocols (sanitizing all surfaces between customers, conducting daily employee health checks, switching to paper menus, etc). What would make YOU feel safe dining in restaurants again?
Do you feel safe ordering and picking up take-out food? If you don't, what would make you feel safe?
How often do you order delivery or take-out? How important is it for you that you can order with a delivery app? Is having to pick up your order yourself a barrier to your decision to ordering take-out? (Most delivery services take a significant percentage so restaurants are not benefitting from using them. NYC City Council approved a cap on delivery fees but it has yet to be signed by the Mayor.)
Are you interested in meal kits based on LES Enfants' most popular dishes to make at home, or would you rather just buy the meal to go? Would you consider buying groceries from a restaurant (specialty items based on our menu, or competitively priced staples, like bread, cheese, etc.) or are you more inclined to just stick with your regular grocer (Trader Joe's, Fresh Direct, etc)?
Any other thoughts about dining out? We appreciate any ideas, comments, feedback. Also, please free to email us at info@LESEnfantsdeBoheme.com.
If you'd like to receive news of our menu and grocery specials and to be notified about our re-opening, please fill in your email, below. We will NEVER share your information with anyone. Thank you!
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