Suzuki Cello Choir Enrolment form
Suzuki Cello Choir 2022 Semester 2

 Musicianship Skill class 2-3pm
 Cello Choir Junior (Book 2 and above) 3-4pm
 Cello Choir Intermediate (Transitional group.  3-4pm  combined with Junior or Senior, 4-5pm on its own)
 Cello Choir Senior (approx. Book 8 and above.  3-4pm combined with Intermediate, 4-5pm on its own)

Dates (correct at the time of publishing)
July 24, July 31, Aug 14, Aug 21, Sep 4, Sep 11, Oct 30, Nov 13, Nov 20 (concert)

Fee structure at the end of the page

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Have you made a Graduation recording of Suzuki Level 1 (Minuet 2)? Minimum of this level is required.   *
By enrolling, it is assumed that you agree to the following conditions.
1.  You will adhere to COVID safe rules stated below.
2.  You are legally responsible for your belongings and your child/ren'a safety and will not hold Suzuki Cello Institute or its employee, contract workers, associates, volunteers or the venue organisation liable. 
3. You pay Term fee or Semester fee per student.  You will not be refunded for absences.  
4. You give consent for us to take photo/video of you and your child/ren by Suzuki Cello Institute tutors and staff for promotional and educational purposes, and understand that the these media might be in the shared view.

COVID safe rules
1. Present negative RAT done on the day /negative PCR result of within 24 hours
2. Wear a face mask where practical
3. Stay home if unwell or showing COVID or flu symptoms
Applicant is at least at the level of Minuet No.2 in Suzuki Book 1,  and I have read and agree to the above condition *
The student is applying for; (tick both if for both) *
Enrolling Parent's full name (write 'self' in case of adult student) *
Parent's email (or your email in case of adult student) *
Parent's mobile (or your email in case of adult student) *
Student's school year *
Current Suzuki Book Level *
Cello teacher's name *
Music reading or ensemble experience if any (optional)
If your child cannot be picked up by a person other than you or an authorised person,  please give names.  
Please tell us if your child has medical, psychological or any other condition or issued that might interfere with learning or participating in the group.  This information will be shared only by tutors or administration to accommodate the child's needs.  
Fee structure  (9 rehearsals per Semester)
New student - 1st session is a free trial ($27 per hour will be deducted from below if decided to continue)

 Junior Cello Choir             3-4pm  $243
 IntermediateCello Choir   3-5pm $486
 Senior Cello Choir             3-5pm $486

 Junior Choir + Musicianship combo   2-4pm  $413
 Inter. Choir + Musicianship combo     2-5pm  $656
 Senior choir + Musicianship combo   2-5pm. $656

 Cello choir and musicianship combo                     $10 discount already applied
 Second student from the same family                   $10 discount will apply
 Third student and onward from the same family $15 discount per student will apply

  Semester 1 & Semester 2 combo         5% discount

Please tick if you want to pay for Semester 1 & 2 *
Any communication?  
Please click "Submit".  It submitted, the next screen says "Your response has been recorded.".  
Thank you for filling in the form.  If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us.
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