Mr. Oncay's Student Info Survey
Any information you enter here is collected by Mr. Oncay only. It is protected by password in Mr. Oncay's teacher account. This makes it MUCH easier for Mr. Oncay to make signup rosters in class, gradebooks, contact sheets, and so on. For example, Mr. Oncay might have a question about an assignment that you submitted, and he could use your info here to email you. Thanks for taking this time! [Ps. The first class where everyone signs up will get five house points].
What year is it? *
What TERM do you have Mr. Oncay's class? *
All year? Semester 1?
What PERIOD do you have Mr. Oncay's class? *
What is your current grade level? *
6th? 7th? 8th? Monkey?
Are you in Mr. Oncay's Language Arts or Drama class (or both)? *
Your LAST Name *
eg. Smith [Notice the capital letter]
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Your FIRST name *
eg. Jennifer [Notice the capital letter]
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Your NICKNAME (if you have one)
[Use this only if you have a name that you prefer]
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YOUR email address (not your parents) that you want Mr. Oncay to use. Your school email is fine. *
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If I need to contact your parent/guardian, give me a name. *
eg. Mr. Mark Johnson [Make sure your write Mr. or Ms.]
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What is your relationship to the adult listed in the last question? *
eg. Father
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What is the email address of that adult you listed? *
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What is the best phone number for that adult you listed? *
eg. 408.555.1212
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Of the following categories, what is the area you want to improve the most? *
[Pick one. Notice that these are skills in Language Arts, but some apply to Drama too.]
Language Arts Only: In three sentences, explain how you feel about Language Arts classes of your past.
(DO NOT name teacher names).
Your answer
Drama Only: In three sentences, explain why you chose Drama as an elective.
Your answer
In the last two years, how many times have you climbed a tree?
How much totally free time do you usually get per school day? (You can do whatever you want with this time.)
How many extra classes/activities do you usually have beyond school? (Like tutoring, Kumon, soccer, dance, violin lessons, extra math class, etc)
Just some random questions below for interesting data. Mr. Oncay will not link your name to any of the data below.
Have you ever made scrambled eggs?
Have you ever mopped the kitchen floor?
Do you know how to ride a bike?
Have you ever washed the car by yourself?
Do you know how to swim?
Just something random. Pick only one. *
[We'll look at the overall results in class]
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